The Pass (The Pass)

Feature Film UK 2016

On the night before the Champions League final two promising English football players Jason and Ade, who play in the same team, share a hotel room. Their relationship seems to go beyond camaraderie and professional friendship: there's something more between them, as emerges when they kiss, after flirting and playing sexy games for hours. This might be the beginning of a love affair, but shrewd and opportunistic James sees it as something to forget and to hide: homosexuality is a deeply rooted taboo in football, so they had better keep it secret. But as the years go by, the choice Jason made, driven by ambition, turns into a source of self-inflicted pain that must be concealed… The Pass was selected to open the 2017 BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival, was nominated for the BAFTA Outstanding Debut Award and acclaimed by British critics.

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