Portrait of a Serial Monogamist (Portrait of a Serial Monogamist)

Feature Film Canada 2015

Toronto, Canada. Elsie could be considered the perfect girlfriend: intelligent, charming and with a well-established career. Unfortunately, she is affected by a disorder that prevents her from having a long-term relationship: she is a serial monogamist. In other words, she can't help moving from one relationship to another, almost as if to plan, leaving a long series of broken hearts behind her. When she suddenly breaks up with Robyn after a 5-year relationship, she starts dating another girl, which causes general disapproval: her mother and her friends give her the cold shoulder. But what if this time they were right and Elsie has made an irreparable mistake? An all-female romantic comedy which depicts the emotional confusion of today and focuses on a character everyone can identify with.  

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