Closet Monster (Closet Monster)

Feature Film Canada 2015

Oscar, a lovable and troubled teenager from Canada, has only one friend: Buffy, a hamster who listens to him, giving sound advice. His adolescence, living with a childish father and an absent mother, is marked by nightmares caused by a shock he had as a child: he witnessed a homophobic attack. What is his way out? To transform those terrible visions into something creative. His dream: to become a make-up artist able to create monstrous and comical masks. As he gradually discovers sex, he will overcome all the fears that have always haunted him. This is the debut film of Canadian director Stephen Dunn, who won an award in Toronto, a coming-of-age horror film which recalls his fellow Canadian David Cronenberg. The soundtrack is infectious and takes us back to the '90s, while the voice of Buffy the hamster (the true alter ego of Oscar) is Isabella Rossellini's.  

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