Auntie Mame

Feature Film USA 1958

New York City, the 1920s. Following her brother’s death, eccentric Auntie Mame takes custody of her nephew Patrick and introduces him to a world much different from the stern upbringing he was accustomed to. The two soon form a close bond. When her upper East Side lifestyle begins to feel the pinch of the Great Depression, Mame goes out to look for work and discovers that goods intentions aren’t enough to hold down a job. One Christmas they’re invited by wealthy Beaugard to spend the holiday with him; her charms work, they marry. Years later, Patrick returns home from college with Gloria, who is welcomed into Mame’s decidedly unconventional family. Two worlds collide when Mame throws a party for Gloria’s upper crust parents and friends that ends in their huffy departure. Some time later, Patrick marries Mame’s secretary; their child will learn to appreciate the optimistic outlook Mame taught his parents.

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